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IllegalArgumentException: '2010-12-16T13:33:50.513852Z' weist ein falsches Format auf.

which mean something like wrong format, anyone have a clue whats wrong in here?


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Nothing wrong with the format, It works nicely. – niksvp Dec 24 '10 at 10:54

It works for me try ide online

Output is :

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The code you posted works fine in my jre. Probably you defined your own DatatypeConverter (with german exception texts...!) and this specific DatatypeConverter cannot parse this date.

Do a codesearch for this code: DatatypeConverter.setDatatypeConverter( - there you will probably find your custom implementation of the "DatatypeConverterInterface" - which will then probably lead you to your bug.

Alternatively you can search for weist ein falsches Format auf. (because that exception text is not part of the jre)

Viel Erfolg ;)

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