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I'd like to run Selenium tests on CI server so I need running live server before run tests. I subclass HttpTestCase, write some tests using Selenium, then I do like here http://devel.almad.net/docs/django-sane-testing/usage.html#running-tests:

set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings_test
nosetests myapp.tests:MyHttpTestCase --with-django

Seems it's creating DB, then it connects to Selenium and run FF (I see that two FF windows). But then it fails, saying it can't connect. I suppose this is because of it didn't start developer server.

Don't know where I'm wrong, seems I was doing it by instruction...

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Pass --with-djangoliveserver to nosetests:

nosetests myapp.tests:MyHttpTestCase --with-django --with-djangoliveserver
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