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I want to create two iPhone apps: server+client (for once iphone). Server will contain some data and client will asking for it sometime. How I can to organize communication between them? For example anybody knows how TextExpander works?


Andrey Mirzoyan.

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As a suggestion, a good starting point would probably be the Bonjour Overview docs as it would provide a means of broadcasting/listening to see what clients are currently available.

There's also some sample code associated with the NSNetService class reference docs that might prove very useful and at least provide some good pointers as to where to look next.

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If this is for use on one phone, then the only inter-application communication method that will work within a single stock OS iOS device is to have each app register a custom URL scheme, and have each app (re)launch the other app using these custom URL launches for communication, back-and-forth.

The URL scheme will contain a prefix. The suffix of the URL can contain the data of the request or reply, if appropriately encoded.

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