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I Use GSM Communication Library (GSMComm) for send and receive SMS with GSM modem. How Can I Send Sms With Delivery Report? How Can I get Status of Send Messages?

Pleas Help Me for This Action ..

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From/to which country? – alexn Dec 24 '10 at 13:14
are you looking for free or paid service? – Shimmy Dec 24 '10 at 13:36
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you first read all messages from the SIM (since status report msg is sent as sms back to your SIM from the provider you use).
Iterate through these msgs and filter out the status msgs.
You must have saved the id of the sent sms from your mobile data.Status.ToString() :

GsmCommMain comm = new GsmCommMain(port, baundRate, timeout);
//.... Other code may goes here
// Read all SMS messages from the storage
    DecodedShortMessage[] messages = comm.ReadMessages(PhoneMessageStatus.All, 
    PhoneStorageType.Sim );// Or PhoneStorageType.Phone
    foreach (DecodedShortMessage message in messages)
          if (((SmsPdu)message.Data) is SmsStatusReportPdu)
                SmsStatusReportPdu data = (SmsStatusReportPdu)message.Data;
                //Recipient: data.RecipientAddress
                //Status: data.Status.ToString()
                //Timestamp: data.DischargeTime.ToString()
                //Message ref (ID of the sent sms from the mobile): data.MessageReference.ToString()

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have an example for this sms from gsm modem look at this example at code project.

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My problem is in delivery report and recived sms – Hossein Moradinia Jan 25 '11 at 11:09

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