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CppCMS looks fine for me.. but do you know any live website powered by CppCMS?

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First of all take a look on this page: http://cppcms.sourceforge.net/wikipp/en/page/who_uses

There are several known users:

  • Several services provided by dhiti like: http://dive.dhiti.com/ use CppCMS
  • Some new services on Lifeix use CppCMS and CppDB
  • Page2RSS uses CppCMS for their fronted.
  • http://tatoeba.org is developing a new version of the web site that uses CppCMS (that is on its alpha stage): http://tato.sysko.fr/eng
  • CppCMS's website build on CppCMS also CppCMS author's blog is build on CppCMS as well - runs for several years very well.
  • There are several companies using CppCMS in their embedded products.

And there are more.

Artyom (CppCMS's author)

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Fo example, CppCMS's own website is built with it. The author is eating his own dogfood...

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