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This question may be simple for experts but for a beginner like me it is important. My question is are there any problems involving tree traversals that can be solved by BFS , DFS and not in-order, pre-order etc. In other words, whenever i see a tree problem, should I ONLY think of the 3 tree traversal methods, or also consider BFS,DFS

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Pre-order, in-order and post-order traversal are the three different kinds of depth first search that are possible. So it's not a question of whether to use DFS or one of those three. If you are using one of those three traversals, you are using DFS.

As for whether there are cases where BFS is preferable over DFS: Yes, there are. For example to find the shortest path between two nodes in an unweighted graph, you can use BFS because the first path found by a BFS happens to be the one with the fewest edges. The same is not true for DFS.

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are there any tree traversals methods similar to BFS? –  Programmer Dec 24 '10 at 17:28
it should be noted that there is subtle difference between traversal and search. One goes through all the nodes while the other stops when node is found. –  modest Jul 2 '13 at 20:04

An obvious example where DFS doesn't work and you have to use BFS is an infinitely (or at least arbitrarily) high tree.

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