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I have checked the following during turning on Windows features:

IIS,IIS Compatibility and under WWW I have checked .NET extensibility.I do not see an ASP.NET option to check.Will these be enough to have IIS running or am I missing something.

I do not see the IIS page when I type localhost in my browser.Please help.

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Your version of Vista does not support ASP on IIS. You'll have to either install asp or upgrade your version of Vista to:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium Edition
  • Windows Vista Professional Edition
  • Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
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Ok...I have VS2008 installed...Will that be fine? – kjayakum Jan 17 '09 at 4:13
That should be fine for testing purposes. Don't expect to host any websites on that though. – GregD Jan 17 '09 at 4:20

If you're trying to set up a web server you can take a look at Microsoft's Dreamspark site.

If you're a student and have the capability of proving it you can download a copy of Windows 2003 Server and use it for educational purposes.

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