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Does anyone know of a library that has a C++ Carbon API to call equivalent 64-bit Cocoa functions? I need to port a Carbon-based 32-bit C++ app to 64-bit, but am dreading having to code for Cocoa in Objective C.



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I don't think a down-vote is fair. This isn't a bad question in itself. Seeking a direct-port shortcut might not be a good idea but there's nothing wrong with asking. – Joshua Nozzi Dec 24 '10 at 22:24
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The only available mechanism is to learn the new platform and write the application or library anew. There are many differences between Carbon and Cocoa. The latter, for example, follows the model/view/controller design pattern. A lot of other differences abound (for example, the drawing system is completely different). A direct mirroring between the two would be shaky at best but is just not a good idea.

In short: do yourself and your users a favor and learn the new platform. Very fortunately, Cocoa really is quite a pleasure to work with by comparison.

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Thanks. Seems like a business opportunity though... Have a Happy New Year! – Bill Dec 29 '10 at 15:18

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