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I'm trying to do something trivial. I have a bunch of URLs that I need to map like the following:

Both need to go to the same controller/action. The problem I'm having is when is invoked, I need to specify a default query parameter. I thought that's what the :defaults hash does in routes.rb, but unfortunately the following doesn't work:

map.connect 'foo', :controller => 'something', :action => 'anaction', 
  :defaults => { :myparam => 'foobar' }

This should route to the something controller, anaction action, and make params[:myparam] point to the string "foobar".

I'm assuming for the second example, I'll need an additional route.

What's the best way to tackle this?

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Untested, but:

map.connect 'foo', :controller => 'something', :action => 'anaction', :myparam => 'foobar'

It looks like the :controller and :action arguments in there are not in any way special, but just end up feeding into params. The 2.3.8 documentation seems to confirm this.

More formally, you can include arbitrary parameters in the route, thus:

map.connect ':controller/:action/:id', :action => 'show', :page => 'Dashboard'

This will pass the :page parameter to all incoming requests that match this route.

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I wouldn't complicate things by adding such logic to my routes file, I'd just do it in my action:

params[:my_param] ||= 'foobar'
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Worked for me -- and it's Rails 3 compatible! :P – duma Aug 15 '12 at 16:39

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