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I'm trying to get this superLU sparse matrix solver to run, but I can't seem to compile it. I'm writing my program with Fortran, and so I'm trying to call superLU from my program. I'm using g95 compiler for fortran.


Please help! How can I compile this in Fortran? I tried and it said error cannot exec 'cc1', no file found. I don't care what Fortran compiler I use, just any way I can call this superLU from fortran.

edit: I don't know much about linking Fortran with C++ programs, what i did is 'g95 -o test f77_main.f hbcode1.f c_fortran_dgssv.c'

EDIT: here is a user's guide, page 37-38, but I still don't get it Thanks for any and all help.

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Your second link didn't get through, probably because your rep is too low. Post it in a comment –  belisarius Dec 24 '10 at 21:53

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I recommend the use of the Fortran ISO C Binding for calling C routines from Fortran, or vice-a-versa. This binding, which is part of Fortran 2003 but widely available for several years, informs Fortran to use C calling conventions. It is part of the language and so compiler and platform independent. Besides previous answers here, there are code examples in the gfortran manual under "Mixed-Language Programming". There are also many examples of Fortran interfaces to call the C routines of the GNU Scientific Library at http://www.lrz.de/services/software/mathematik/gsl/fortran/index.html.

Re how to compile & link a mixed Fortran & C program ... generally is easier to use the Fortran compiler for the linking step because it brings in extra Fortran runtime libraries. So proceed in two steps: compile your C routines to object files, then in the next step compile the Fortran routines and link the Fortran routines and the pre-compiled C routines. If using C++, use "extern C" to make it compatible with C. So, for example:

gcc -c MyCRoutine.c

gfortran FortranMain.f95 MyCRoutine.o

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A good start to solving your problem can be found in a previous answer here.

It looks a bit strange that you are passing a .c file to g95. You should compile the C file using GCC, then link the resulting .o file to your compiled fortran code.

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