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I have a C# library (MyApp.ServiceLayer) and I want to access a common resx (/Resources/global.en-GB.resx) file from another library (MyApp.Common). I've added a reference from ServiceLayer to Common.

In the /bin/Debug folder of ServiceLayer I have (amongst others):

  • MyApp.Common.dll
  • en-gb/MyApp.Common.resources.dll.
  • /Resources/global.en-GB.resx

Reflector tells me that MyApp.Common.resources.dll has a Resources folder and a resource file:

This code returns "could not load assembly" error.

ResourceManager resource = new ResourceManager("", Assembly.Load(new AssemblyName("MyApp.Common.resource")));

Why can't I get to it?

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The loading by AssemblyName only works if the resource file has been loaded into the current AppDomain.

Use the method LoadFrom() instead of Load() to load the assembly from a file:

ResourceManager resource = new ResourceManager("", Assembly.LoadFrom(@"C:\full\path\of\the\assembly\MyApp.Common.resources.dll"));
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