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If I want to select a group of records from a database using a SQL query and further qualify it by what tag(s) are set on a record - is there an easy way to do this?

e.g. something conceptually like Select * from Corps where date_added > '2010-01-01' and tag like "legal"

Obviously this isn't correct since the tag data isn't kept in the table, but you get the idea.

Rails3 has a new syntax for Active Record queries. Can I select a group of records using the AREL AR syntax, then apply the tag find operation to that?

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Yes, with the tagged_with() method.

Example using your sample SQL query:

@corps = Corp.where('date_added > 2010-01-01').tagged_with('legal')

You can also put an array of tags into tagged_with (tagged_with(['legal', 'foo'])).

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