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this is the code. the css:


   .left{width:200px; margin-bottom:-200px;padding-bottom:200px; background:#cad5eb; float:left;}

   .right{width:400px; margin-bottom:-200px; padding-bottom:200px; background:#f0f3f9; float:right; }

   .center{margin:0 410px 0 210px; background:#ffe6b8; height:100px;}


<div id="content">  
  <div class="left">hello</div>  
 <div class="right">right </div>  

  <div class="center">center</div>


what's the reason that the left ,right column always equal the center's height.if the margin-bottom:-200px;padding-bottom:200px value bigger than the center's height value.

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They don't, add borders and force #content to be very tall (to get around the overflow:hidden) and you'll see that .left and .right have the same height but .center is shorter:


The .left and .right divs come out the same height because they both have one line of text with the same styling and the same padding-bottom.

Without an explicit height on #content, #content becomes tall enough to accommodate .center, the floating .left and .right are not considered when computing the height of #content because they're floating.

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i am still confused, when i change the .left padding-bottom to 400px;why the right's padding-bottom also change to 400px. the default's value 200px is useless –  enjoylife Dec 25 '10 at 4:47
"he floating .left and .right are not considered when computing the height of #content because they're floating.“ can't unserstand this. there is to say if an element is floated, we will not considered its height when computing the height ? am i right. if right, why can't considered its height –  enjoylife Dec 25 '10 at 4:55
Padding is inside the element so going from 200px to 400px adds 200px to the element's height. Changing the padding-bottom on .left makes it "400px + one line of text" tall while .right stays "200px + one line of text" tall, .right doesn't change at all. –  mu is too short Dec 25 '10 at 5:41
When an element is floated it is, essentially, removed from its parent element. So, when the parent's height is being computed, it behaves as though the floating elements weren't its children. I think you would benefit from some basic tutorials, google for "css float tutorial" and you should find something. –  mu is too short Dec 25 '10 at 5:44

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