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I have a scenario where I need to make a call to a telephone(landline/mobile) or send SMS to a particular set of users only using ASP.NET and C#. The web application is not a mobile application.

How do I go about doing these? What typically would be the hardware requirements? I would be extremely grateful if you could provide me with pointers and reference websites.

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I should have been more specific stating that I require it in India. – Codeslayer Sep 8 '08 at 10:00

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Most carriers provide an email address that you can send text messages to — for example, with Verizon, you can send an email to phonenumber@vtext.com and it will show up as a text message to that number.

Wikipedia has a full list of the carrier-provided email addresses.

By sending text messages as "emails" you can take advantage of System.Net.Mail and the like.

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Not sure if you're looking for hardware solutions to automate yourself, or external services. However, I've used BT's Web21C pretty extensively.

They have an excellent .Net API and a host of functionality. Their pricing is the best in the UK, but might fall down with US SMS, which is obviously cheaper - there are plenty of other SMS API providers though.

What BT do offer, which is rare, is an API interface for automating call dialling, conferencing and managing call flow.

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What exactly do you mean by "make a call"? Do you just need to call someone to transfer them or make your own custom, interactive automated call?

If you just need to make a simple call to transfer someone, there are services like VoiceStar that can do this. If you need to make a custom automated call, I would suggest OCS 2007 Speech Server. Asterisk is a SIP PBX and may or may not work for you depending on exactly what you're trying to do.

As far as sending text messages, I don't have much experience so others answers would probably be better.

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Take a look at Twilio. You can find the .NET/C# helper library on GitHub.

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Via WebServiceX, you can send SMS messages anywhere in the world. For phone calls I'd use Asterisk.

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WebServiceX does not cover all service providers in India – Codeslayer Sep 8 '08 at 9:59

If it's for a UK then Esendex provides a nice WebService although BT's Web21C does seem to be that little bit cheaper.

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messagepub, provides a single interface API to send not just SMS and make phone calls, but also IM, Twitter, and email messages. It might help you solve your problem.

They have a C# helper library that you could use to easily integrate multichannel messaging into your application.

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Message Pub appears to be out of business. – TGnat Jul 9 '10 at 2:05

I had built one a while back using an SMS gateway server. This was done in .net 1.1,ASP.net & vb.net. If i remember correctly, i built up a simple webpage and posted my request to the sms gateway server via http post.

The webpage carried a simple textbox and a button to submit. Once that was done, posted the message. The packet included username & password for authentication & an sms message.

Hope this helps.

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I do not know much about calls but a very good API is available for free in Pakistan for sending and receiving sms easily. I gave it a try and my application is working great!

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