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*Why are all objects in Objective-C allocated in the heap instead of on the stack?

How about if we program with both Objective-C and C++?

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It is unclear what you are asking. –  Paul Wheeler Dec 25 '10 at 5:33

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It isn't clear what you are asking.

If you are asking about things like NSString* str = @"hello";, then that was answered in the question you linked to.

Why there is no heap? doesn't make sense. There very much is a heap in iOS applications and objects are allocated from it.

The mention of "automatic objects" and/or auto_ptr from the "post" you mention is entirely unrelated to Objective-C.

Clarify your question, please.

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  1. All Object C objects should be alloc in stack ? ( I think yes )

    No. As the quote in your question says, "the Objective-C runtime does not allow objects to be instantiated on the stack"

  2. In C++, there are stack for memory, so for iOS app, also have stack ? ( I think yes )

    Yes, there is a stack in Objective-C. Objects simply aren't allocated there.

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For a better understanding of NSString literals please see this thread: What does assigning a literal string to an NSString with "=" actually do?

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