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I Have all the hosting, control panel and domain details available with me.

what are the settings required to upload the website on Live?

Please help

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  1. Upload files via FTP to domains public_html or www folder
  2. Now edit configuration.php file, and replace these informations

    var $user = 'username-of-mysql-account';

    var $password = 'password-of-mysql-account';

    var $tmp_path = 'path-to-temporary-folder';

    var $log_path = 'path-to-store-logs';

    var $db = 'name-of-mysql-database';

  3. Now website is ready to use

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Try Akeeba Backup in order to move it onto another server :

  • Install Akabee Backup Core to the existing Joomla! Site
  • Make a Backup
  • Upload Akabee Kickstart and the Backup file to the new Server
  • Call the uploaded kickstart.php and follow the directions.

If you prefer the manual way: it is basically copying all files, the joomla! Database, and modifying some path-related directives in the configuration.php.

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