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Can anyone please tell me why this result is generation only one results? taking in mind that everything is set right and the three tables are populated correctly, i took out the group_concat and it worked but of course with a php undefined index error!

    group_concat(DISTINCT artists.artist_name) as artist_name
FROM (`songs`)
JOIN `mtm_songs_artists` ON `songs`.`song_id` = `mtm_songs_artists`.`song_id`
JOIN `artists` ON `artists`.`artist_id` = `mtm_songs_artists`.`artist_id`
ORDER BY `songs`.`song_id` DESC

so i'm guessing it's something related to group_concat.

best regards,


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Please format your query onto multiple lines. – kevpie Dec 25 '10 at 7:51
kevpie, thank you i figured it out, it seems like i had to write concat instead of group_concat – Rami Dec 25 '10 at 7:52

You're right, it's because of the group_concat. group_concat concatenates all items in the group... which is the entire result set if you have no GROUP BY clause. It's a bit hard to tell how to fix the query without the schema, but I think you need to either group by artist_id or use a subquery.

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It should be concat not group_concat in my case.

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