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I'm going to write some converters.

I fought HTML is the best for that. For example:
- at first, i create HTML->PDF
- at second, i create DOC -> HTML (and get DOC->PDF also) i will have 3 converters instead of 2.

What intermediate format can you suggest? (is the XML better for my task, but how to preserve formatting styles)

Thanks in advance.

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HTML as an intermediate language has it's limitations - you need to supplement it with CSS to capture presentational aspects. Separation of content and presentation is useful though.

Have you considered using a plain text format such as multimarkdown or textile?

Otherwise I would suspect that something like LaTeX or RTF would allow you to capture more of the presentation layout.

There already exist many applications that do what you describe. For example Pandoc

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I think XML is the best intermediate format for any conversion. Also, you may use your own text or binary format.

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Well, how do i save table borders(or other formatting) in XML? – Constantine Dec 25 '10 at 9:49
use your imagination: you can hold left, right, top and bottom padding =) – shybovycha Dec 25 '10 at 11:38

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