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I have a GWT-FormPanel on my website, where people can upload pictures and answer some questions. It's working very well. The only problem is: I would like to provide a feedback to the user (for example: 0% to 100%) during the actual file process. But I have no idea how I can do that. I think that's a very common issue, that's why I would like to ask you guys if you know any tutorial or example that could help me to solve this problem.

I've already tried GWTUpload, but it does not do what I want: I have a submit button at the end of the FormPanel and the GWTUpload has it's own "SEND" button, which I don't want to have.

Thanks in advance for helping and merry Christmas!

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Looks like GWTUpload allows to use custom submit button. Haven't tried it so maybe i'm wrong.

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No, you aren't! Have just tried and it works. thanks a lot for helping! – jcdmb Dec 25 '10 at 19:04

From your problem statement you mean to say that you want to provide the progress bar while uploading file starting from 0 to 100%.

Take a look to this library: This will may solve your problem.And it is also working well in all browsers and also on Linux,Mac.

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Thanks for your answer, but as I wrote on my post, I can't attach a GWTUpload element (for example: a SingleUploader widget) cause it has it's own "SEND" button. And I don't want to have. At the end of my formular (FormPanel) I have a Submit button, that should fire the upload of the pictures (As a POST Request). So, it does not fit to my design. Thanks anyway for answering! Would appreciate any further suggestion. – jcdmb Dec 25 '10 at 10:43

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