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Most PHP Developers are likely familar with the Syntax Highlighter called "GeSHi", which takes code, highlights it, with the use of HTML and CSS:

$source = 'echo "hello, world!";
$language = 'php';
$path = 'geshi/';
$geshi = new GeSHi($source, $language, $path);
echo $geshi->parse_code();

GeSHi Supports a wide range of languages.

I wonder, is there a similar Module for Perl?

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  1. Perl has a port of Kate highlighting system: Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate which seems to be somewhat close to what you need. It appears to be part of Padre.

  2. You also have an option of HTML client side highlighters (logic is obviously JS), such as Google's code prettifyer

  3. Two good lists of syntax highlighting engines are:

  4. Please be aware that NONE of those generic highlighters work "100% correctly", the way the syntax highlighters work in good IDEs, because they use regular expressions for approximate parsing instead of lexers for actual language grammar parsing. More details on the Wiki

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Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate looks promising, though I find it a little depressing that there are only so few serverside highlighting engines for perl... – user350814 Dec 25 '10 at 14:34
@nebukadnezzar - Why? My guess is that Perl was not used as a back-end for a significant number of web uses which required such functionality (contrasted with phpBB for php), and whatever minor need was there was already fulfilled by client-side solutions. So there was just no demand, outside of Perl-implemented IDEs (thus, Kate was ported presumably for Padre purposes). I know if I needed such a functionality, I would definitely go for client side library first. – DVK Dec 25 '10 at 15:39
Yes, I guess that the demand for this kind of functionality for Perl isn't very high. But considering that GeSHi uses mainly regular expressions, I figured that writing one isn't very difficult... Also, I guess that using a client side highlighter is likely a better option for now. – user350814 Dec 25 '10 at 16:38
@nebukadnezzar - I haven't scrutinized the GeSGi source, but based on the sample language files, it probably wouldn't be overly complicated to port should someone really need it :) – DVK Dec 25 '10 at 17:14

You can also consider this for client side syntax highlighting.

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I have had some very good results with the PPI::HTML package. It uses PPI to parse the Perl before converting the text to HTML.

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The biggest strength of GeSHi is the wide range of supported languages. I don't see such a thing in PPI::HTML. – user350814 Dec 25 '10 at 21:29

Pure Perl: Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate (there is Kate plugin for Padre IDE).

Wrappers for C libraries: Syntax::Highlight::Universal, Syntax::SourceHighlight.

Using external tools: Text::VimColor, Text::EmacsColor.

Also there are many one-language highlighters on CPAN.

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You can always write a small php script to make GeSHi usable from command line and then call it within your perl script.
I did this for gitweb so I could leave svn (and websvn) behind for good.

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