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normally to create an object you would write:

function Dog(name) {  
  this.name = name;  

fifi = new Dog("fifi");  

How do I dynamically name the object so that I can write:

var name = "fifi";  
[name] = new Dog(name); 

to achieve the same outcome as:

fifi = new Dog("fifi");
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If you know the object you're creating the variable on (a property, not just a variable) you can use bracket notation, like this:

var dogs = {};
dogs[name] = new Dog(name);

Later you could access it either way:


If it's a global variable you're after, that object (instead of dogs above) would just be window.

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Thanks for the help, Nick. In essence, we are creating a hash with dynamically named keys and values. genius. –  Anthony H Dec 25 '10 at 11:41

This would do it:

function createDog(name, scope) {
    scope[name] = new Dog(name);

Then you could do:

createDog('fifi', window);

or pass any other object as your scope.

But I would not tie objects and variables to close together. One advantage of objects is that you can pass them freely around and several variables can have a reference to the same object.
I would give it a more meaningful name, that describes the purpose of that object.

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Thanks for the answer Felix. –  Anthony H Dec 25 '10 at 11:41

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