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I have an admin controller and I want that only users that are defined as admin would have access to that controller.

my ability class:

class Ability
  include CanCan::Ability

  def initialize(user)
    if user.admin?
      can :manage, :all
      can :read, :all

my admin controller:

class AdminController < ApplicationController

  def index

  def users_list

when i try to access /admin/users_list (either with an admin user or without) i get the following error: uninitialized constant Admin

What am I doing wrong? Is that the right way to restrict access to a controller?

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This is because when you are using load_and_authorize_resource your controller must be backed by a model named Admin (since your controller is called AdminController). Thus you need to either create this model or replace load_and_authorize_resource with:

authorize_resource :class => false

which causes the access checks to be made against your actions rather than the model. Note this unfortunately causes the generic access symbols such as :manage and :read to stop working requiring you to refernce the controller actions directly in ability.rb:

can [ :index, :users_list ], :admin

where the first argument is a array of controller actions the user can access and the second argument is the short name of the controller

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You can put authorization in your controller

authorize_resource :class => false


authorize_resource :class => :controller

Then change your app/models/Ability.rb file

Can :manage :controller_name

See this

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Check this to add authorization rules for non-restful-controllers:


Hope this helps.

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This is because when you make a generic controller, put load_and_authorize_resource then the application controller or admin controller could not find the actual class which it come from like this example. This will work.

class Admin::HomeController < Admin::ApplicationController
    def home    

  class Admin::ApplicationController < ApplicationController
    load_and_authorize_resource :class => self.class
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