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I generate in Cakephp with Html->link a link

echo $this->Html->link('Download',array(
   'plugin'=> 'galleries',
   'controller'=> 'galleries',
   'action'=> 'download',

The output is

<a href="/galleries/galleries/download/schiffchen_seide.jpg" class="down">Download</a>

This link is not recognized. I can not click on it. But if I put the output link and implement it in the HTML code, all is fine

After this I tried to echo the link - same problem.

This is a snippet from my view

<nav><a href="#" class="rght">next</a><?php if($download){ echo $this->Html->link('Download',array('plugin' => 'galleries', 'controller' => 'galleries','action' => 'download',  $download),array('class'=>'down')); } ?><a href="#" class="lft">prev</a></nav>

Maybe somebody can give me a little hint?

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You should post the solution as an answer to your question and then mark it accepted. –  BoltClock Dec 26 '10 at 15:50
How do i mark it as accepted? –  Mika Dec 26 '10 at 15:55
After you post your solution (using the form below), click the checkmark that shows up at its left. I think you may have to wait one more day before you can mark it since it's a self-answer. –  BoltClock Dec 26 '10 at 15:57
@BoltClock: Thanks for the hint. But i must wait 23 hours to mark it accepted. –  Mika Dec 26 '10 at 16:05

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Solution: It was not a PHP Problem but CSS Problem... specially a z-index Problem in my Jquery Plugin (ImageViewer) rolleyes The schemata of the HTML is:

<article><div class="info"><nav></nav</div></article><article><div class="info"><nav></nav</div></article><article><div class="info"><nav></nav</div></article>

The Problem were the nav tags in every article tag. The "prev&next" links appear in every nav structure but not the "download" link. ergo: i can click on the "prev&next" links but not on the "download" link... So, for a fast solution i set the z-index for my current article view. But i must rework my HTML Code structure

Thanks for reading my question.

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