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I want to build a highly secure social networking portal. Like other portals, subscriber users should be able to create a topic, discuss topic, share information about them, and have the ability for notifications/alerts. The added feature, I would like to have is to moderate users. Based on the topic of discussion, users will be asked automated questions and their responses will be processed to provide recommendations. I have no knowledge of social networking portal requirements. I will be coding alone and want to have something up and running in about six months. Which is the easiest open source platform that I should use to develop? I know some.net and sql, but I am open to use other platforms. Please give me your recommendations

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Use PHP, end of story. It's significantly faster than ASP.NET, and just goes hand-in-hand with MySQL. As for a platform, I don't think you need on necessarily. I build the majority of my websites from scratch, and I'm no PHP guru. W3 Schools has amazing tutorials on PHP, which is where I learned some of my stuff.

All websites are fairly similar. Social networking shouldn't be much harder than creating a forum, or a shopping cart system. The size of a project is the worst part of any PHP project, in my opinion.

Good luck, and merry Christmas. You should start thinking of ways to generate revenue, also :)


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