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//Difference between 2 dates This function works well but display wrong time format. Pls how can I change the time of this function from GMT to GMT+1? Displays 15hrs 22mins instead of 16hrs 22mins. Thanks

function get_date_diff($start, $end="NOW")
        $sdate = strtotime($start);
        $edate = strtotime($end);
        $timeshift = "";

        $time = $edate - $sdate;
        if($time>=0 && $time<=59) {
                // Seconds
                $timeshift = $time.' seconds ';

        } elseif($time>=60 && $time<=3599) {
                // Minutes + Seconds
                $pmin = ($edate - $sdate) / 60;
                $premin = explode('.', $pmin);

                $presec = $pmin-$premin[0];
                $sec = $presec*60;

                $timeshift = $premin[0].' min '.round($sec,0).' sec '."<b>ago</b>";

        } elseif($time>=3600 && $time<=86399) {
                // Hours + Minutes
                $phour = ($edate - $sdate) / 3600;
                $prehour = explode('.',$phour);

                $premin = $phour-$prehour[0];
                $min = explode('.',$premin*60);

                $presec = '0.'.$min[1];
                $sec = $presec*60;

                $timeshift = $prehour[0].' hrs '.$min[0].' min '.round($sec,0).' sec '."<b>ago</b>";

        } elseif($time>=86400) {
                // Days + Hours + Minutes
                $pday = ($edate - $sdate) / 86400;
                $preday = explode('.',$pday);

                $phour = $pday-$preday[0];
                $prehour = explode('.',$phour*24); 

                $premin = ($phour*24)-$prehour[0];
                $min = explode('.',$premin*60);

                $presec = '0.'.$min[1];
                $sec = $presec*60;

                $timeshift = $preday[0].' days '.$prehour[0].' hrs '.$min[0].' min '.round($sec,0).' sec '."<b>ago</b>";

        return $timeshift;
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Set the timezone using the date_default_timezone_set() function. If that doesn't work, you have PHP <5.1.0 and should set the TZ environment variable. Check here for the detailed order of preference used to determine the timezone.

You could also skip all that code you wrote and use the date() function to get the resulting datetime string in pretty much any format you desire.

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Thanks. I have already figured it out. The timezone in my php.ini was wrong. I was playing with diff timezones. Thanks all the same. – Frank Nwoko Dec 25 '10 at 19:58
@Frank Can you mark the answer as accepted if it's good enough for you? Either that, or add your own answer explaining what you did and accept that. – marcog Dec 25 '10 at 20:02
Already accepted ur answer. – Frank Nwoko Dec 26 '10 at 8:45

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