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A similar question was already asked, but does not have a satisfying answer.

I want to change the CSS style for the map type selection buttons (which are actually DIVs that don't have a CSS class). The links in the referenced question show how to subclass controls, but the examples don't seem to work for GMapTypeControl. Tried the following

function CustomGMapTypeControl() {}
CustomGMapTypeControl.prototype = new GMapTypeControl()
CustomGMapTypeControl.prototype.setButtonStyle_ = function(button) { = "red";

but the setButtonStyle_ function doesn't even get called.

Any solutions for this?

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From the above code, I can say that you don't fully understand how to create a custom map control. There are 2 steps:

  1. subclassing GControl
  2. provide initialize() and getDefaultPosition() method.

Well, the initialize method is the place you create and style your control dom elements, and this method must return that dom element back. The getDefaultPosition() method indicates where this control should be placed (top-right,...), and it must return an object of type GControlPosition.

You must provide enough information so that when you call map.addControl(new CustomGMapTypeControl()) so that the map object could invoke and do the right things.

NOTE: All map controls should be added to the map container which can be accessed with GMap2's getContainer() method.

You can play around with when you want to create your own custom control with firebug.

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