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How do I Assert a collection of items in no particular order? I just want to make sure all the items are in the list.

I'm heard of CollectionAssert but I do not see any method that would do what I want.

My object looks like this:

public class Vector2{
    public float X {get; set;}
    public float Y {get; set;}

Assert - I want something like this:

CollectionAssert.ContainsAll(mesh.GetPolygonVertices(0), aListOfVertices);

mesh.GetPolygonVertices(int) returns a List<Vector2> and aListOfVertices contains all of what is returned, but not guaranteed that order.

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The AreEqual overloads succeed if the two collections contain the same objects, in the same order. AreEquivalent tests whether the collections contain the same objects, without regard to order.


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