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i've got a RoR app that's pushing out json data to a jqgrid. the grid loads up, shows the proper page/row counts, but doesn't show any rows.


    {"id":"267","cell":["42883","Enhancing Personal and Organizational Creativity (XP)","1"]},
    {"id":"268","cell":["42883","Enhancing Personal and Organizational Creativity","1"]},
    {"id":"266","cell":["42815","Strategic Decision Making (XP-Elective)","1"]},
    {"id":"265","cell":["42811","Strategic Planning","1"]},
    {"id":"264","cell":["42809","Best Practices in Innovation (XP)","1"]},
    {"id":"260","cell":["42808","Grave to Cradle - The Basics of Restructuring and Bankruptcies","1"]},
    {"id":"261","cell":["42808","Corporate Restructuring","1"]},
    {"id":"262","cell":["42808","Grave to Cradle Corporate Restructuring","1"]},
    {"id":"263","cell":["42808","Failure  - Grave to Cradle Corporate Restructuing (XP)","1"]},
    {"id":"259","cell":["42800","Competitive Strategy  (XP)","1"]}


  url:courseSource + "/fulldata?instructor=" + instrId + "&course=" + courseId,
  datatype: 'json',
  mtype: 'GET',
  colNames:['Course Number','Course Title', 'Number of Instructors'],
  colModel :[
    {name:'course_no', index:'course_no', width:200},
    {name:'name', index:'name', width:500},
    {name:'ins_count', index:'ins_count', width:260, align:'right'}
  pager: '#pager',
  sortname: 'course_no',
  sortorder: 'desc',
  viewrecords: true,
  caption: 'Courses'

any ideas? i'm beyond lost here - i've got the common problems tackled - the locale is loaded before the jqgrid.js, the css is loaded, jquery and friends are loaded. what's goin on?

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I suppose you have some small problem outside of the code which you posted in your question. Compare your full HTML page with the following page. It has exactly your code and your JSON data. You can see that all work without any problem. So the problem which you describ must be outside of the posted code.

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looks like the issue is with the current build of chromium. your page works great in safari, but doesn't in chromium. see here for screenshot: kolosy.com:810/jqgrid.png – kolosy Dec 26 '10 at 0:35
what's more - this only manifests on my build of chromium (6.0.398.0 (46565)) on os x. chrome, firefox 3.6, firefox 4 and safari work just fine. – kolosy Dec 26 '10 at 0:50
@kolosy: Sorry, but your question was about jqGrid and not about retro versions of exotical web browsers. I downloaded the current version of Chromium web browser (version 10.0.622.0 (70153)) and my example work in the browser without any problem under Windows 7. So I recommend you to try update your Chromium browser. Good luck. – Oleg Dec 26 '10 at 10:54
lol. i guess my auto-updater isn't working. – kolosy Dec 26 '10 at 19:03
yup - that was it. i was under the impression that i was running the latest build, but i guess i had one from april. oops. current one works though. thanks. – kolosy Dec 26 '10 at 19:11

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