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I want to select sql: SELECT "year-month" from table group by "year-month" AND order by date, where year-month - format for date "1978-01","1923-12". select to_char of couse work, but not "right" order .

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Why is order not right with to_char? –  yairchu Apr 28 '13 at 10:58

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date_part(text, timestamp)


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to_char(timestamp, 'YYYY-MM')

You say that the order is not "right", but I cannot see why it is wrong (at least until year 10000 comes around).

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Use the date_trunc method to truncate off the day (or whatever else you want, e.g., week, year, day, etc..)

Example of grouping sales from orders by month:

  SUM(amount) as sales,
  date_trunc('month', created_at) as date
from orders
group by date
order by date DESC;
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