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i have a question about kohana 2:

I need to create a temporary field on every find(), called 'slug'. This field will have a dynamically created "SEO friendly" url of current record.

For example, the site adress is www.domain.com and i want to view a post with id 6 called "This is an example title". The desired slug will be: 1-this-is-an-example-title

I don't want to generate the slug directly in view by echoing $post->id . '-' . url::title($post->title). What i want to achieve is an ability to echo a dynamically created variable $post->slug which will not be presented in database, it'll just be generated in a model.

I hope you understand me well ? Can you provide me any ideas or code samples please?

Big thanks, Mike

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protected $_slug = NULL;

public function __get($name)
   if ($name == 'slug')
      if ($this->_loaded AND $this->_slug === NULL )
         $this->_slug = $this->pk().'-'.url::title($this->title);
      return $this->_slug;
   return parent::__get($name);
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Big thanks for this! Works great :) Just one thing, there should be $this->loaded instead of $this->_loaded –  mbajur Dec 26 '10 at 20:52
ORM has $this->loaded() (method) and $this->_loaded (property) :) –  biakaveron Dec 27 '10 at 7:06

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