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I have an <li> tag and I want to have some info associated with it so that a piece of JavaScript can access it i.e. <li id='someVal' class='someVal' meta='additionalInfo'>

I would like to access the meta information through jQuery as follows $('#someVal').attr('meta')

is there a attribute like this?

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I suggest you use jQuery's attr() method


and retrieve with


You can add any name to the DOM element. I am generally a fan of using such meta attributes if it makes sense to add it to the DOM element.

Say your app shows the numnber of schools in it. I will probably have a div with an attribute school and set the id of the school as the value.

I know it is very similar to data but my rule of thumb use "attr" to extract metadata that's been added to the markup and use "data" to get/set dynamic application state.

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It is possible to add data to an element through jQuery:

$(element).data('name', 'value');

The data can be retrieved using:


Or are you not trying to add data through jQuery?

In HTML5 there is also the possibility of custom data as I found on the web:

However as HTML5 is still a draft no guarantees there.

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"As of jQuery 1.4.3 HTML 5 data- attributes will be automatically pulled in to jQuery's data object." – Heikki Dec 25 '10 at 21:53

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