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Help I can't pass my hash key to twig subroutine.


foreach my $word (sort { $keywords{$a} <=> $keywords{$b} } keys (%keywords)) {
my $t = XML::Twig->new( twig_roots   => { 'Id' => \&insert($keywords{$word}) } );


    sub insert 
        my($t, $id, $k)= @_;

        my $p =  $id->text;      

        my $query    = "insert into pres (id, wid, p) values(DEFAULT, '$k', '$p')";
        my $sql      = $connect->prepare($query);
        $sql->execute( );   



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Looks like you're trying to curry insert but Perl doesn't directly support that. Instead, you can use an anonymous sub to build the proper argument list for insert:

'Id' => sub { insert($_[0], $_[1], $keywords{$word}) }
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usually I write this using @_: sub { insert( @_, $keywords{$word}); } – mirod Dec 27 '10 at 13:37
@mirod: That'll work too but I like to be explicit to make it easier on myself a couple weeks later; a 2 element slice of @_ would also work. OTOH, if $keywords{$word} went first I'd say sub { insert($keywords{$word}, @_) }. – mu is too short Dec 27 '10 at 17:06

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