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Merry Christmas guys,

I found a code that displays a loading message using a gif. It uses the onLoad="init()" in the body tag. It works fine on an HTML file but it doesn't when the file is in PHP. Do I need to change anything in here or this just won't work in a PHP file? here's the code:

<body onLoad="init()">
   <div id="loading" style="position:absolute; width:100%; text-align:center; top:300px;">
   <img src="loading.gif" border=0></div>

     var ld=(document.all);
     var ns4=document.layers;
     var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all;
     var ie4=document.all;
     if (ns4)
     else if (ns6)
     else if (ie4)

  function init() {
     else if (ns6||ie4) ld.display="none";



  $html= new simple_html_dom();


  $element = $html->find("p");
  $size = count($element);

  for($i=0; $i <= $size ;$i++){


  function printinfo($url){

$page= new simple_html_dom();


$arr = $page->find("title");
echo $arr[0]->innertext." = ";  

$arr = $page->find('.altroute-rcol');
echo $arr[0]->innertext."<br>";


EDIT: What my php code does is parse some code and displays the info that I needed. The code works fine, depending on how many urls that I need to parse it could take up to 30 secs that's why I needed a loading message.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Can you post the init function? –  Samir Talwar Dec 26 '10 at 0:49
There is no reason this shouldn't work if it is being output correctly from the php script. Can you post your PHP code exactly as it is? –  hellsgate Dec 26 '10 at 0:50
Change the onLoad="init()" to onLoad="javascript:init()" see if that works. And change your script tag to <script type="text/javascript" –  William Dec 26 '10 at 0:56
hey guys I added the rest of the code. Thanks. –  eggman20 Dec 26 '10 at 0:58
I wonder what dark part of the internet was this script dug out from... NS4? Seriously? –  Jani Hartikainen Dec 26 '10 at 1:07

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PHP responses don't start loading until they're finished processing. Where a browser will display an HTML page progressively, PHP pages are typically displayed all at once.

You can force a PHP response to display progressively by calling flush() at the point you want to send a partial response, but support varies between servers.

Try putting flush(); before you parse your XML and let us know if that helps.

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Wow that fixed it. Thanks neil and the rest of the guys... –  eggman20 Dec 26 '10 at 2:28

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