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I've tried using position.left it says invalid object i've tried css.('left') i don't really know what to do. I want to get the position of the parent element so I can animate the child element left position Im creating a scrolling effect.

<div id="MyDiv">
<div>Element 1</div>
<div>Element 2</div></div><div id="Prev">Prev</div><div id="Next">Next</div>
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If you're trying to get the left offset of 'MyDiv' you can do something like:


this is using the offset() method:

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$('#MyDiv').offset() return object position, here is the example

var pos = $('#MyDiv').offset();
console.debug(pos.left); //Try this or
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There's nice 4 lines pure Javascript (no external libraries) function for this:

Or you can just try x.offsetLeft

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It really depends on the context of the elements position. Check the docs to find which context you want to use it in.

I created a simple example to illustrate the referencing of the offset. Here is the code that I think would solve your problem.

$('#MyDiv').offset().left; // Return the pixel number of the elements left position.

Here is a simple example that will help you out.

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You can use the float property of css

eg:- $('#MyDiv').css('float','left');

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