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We moved our svn repository to a different server, and in the hectic mess we realised we somehow managed to kill all the users and everyone was committing as 'anonymous' for a day or two!

I know how to change the commit message(svn propedit -r 123 --revprop svn:log /path/to/repos), but is there any way to change the actual user that made the commit?

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svn propedit -r 123 --revprop svn:author /path/to/repos
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You change the user by changing the revision property svn:author instead of svn:log.

Note that you need to make sure your pre-revprop-change hook allows this.

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+1 : Mention of the pre-revprop-change hook check to allow change to author. –  jgifford25 Dec 27 '10 at 18:15

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