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I'm trying to create a small search engine in php/mysql and to use it in my future projects (websites or other web applications). I'm satisfied with fulltext search but still having some problems with grouping of results .

Example :

On websites like or (different type of websites) for each search has a detailed result . For after each search on the left are filters for Company , Device and Operating System with exact count for every category .

My question is : How can I organise and search on my multi tables to extract this result. Can anyone describe a small example with 2-3 tables how to do that.

Thank You!

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Sorry this isn't a direct answer to your question but I would highly recommend using Solr. It is a sophisticated open source search engine software.

It also has DataImportHandlers where it will automatically update the indexes with your MySQL data. We use Solr for all of our searching on our local business directory:

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