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I want to write a Qt slot similar to following javascript,

function testFunc( func1,func2,cond )
   if ( cond == 1)

Questions for me are:

1). how to receive Javascript function as an arguement?
2). how to call same JS function from C++ again.

Here are my non-efficient solutions,

For Q.1-> taking JSFunction arguement as a QString gives me full function code, So in this case I need to write code to extract just function name from there.

For Q.2-> I can call JS function by QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript, but for this I need to construct a string of function name + all the function arguements.

So is there any better solutions available for this problem?

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Unfortunately, it's impossible to do this in a cleaner way in QtWebKit, at this point. There's been some effort to add full JavaScript <-> C++ bindings to QtWebKit, on top of QtScript, but I'm not sure what the progress on that is.

That means you're left with the two solutions you mentioned (but I strongly recommend avoiding the first one as it's hackish and doesn't work with anonymous function objects).

Another solution would be to create two signals: conditionSatisfied() and conditionFailed() and connect those to func1, func2, respectively:

function func1() { ... }
function func2() { ... }


Then, on the C++ side:

void X::testFunc(const QVariant& cond)
    if (cond.toInt() == 1)
        emit conditionSatisfied();
        emit conditionFailed();

That's not a good design but you can't do better.

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How can your approach work with anonymous function? – SunnyShah Dec 27 '10 at 6:20
@Sunny: object.conditionSatisfied.connect(function() { ... }); – Jakub Wieczorek Dec 27 '10 at 10:31
Oh! ok. Thanks Jakub, I will check it. – SunnyShah Dec 27 '10 at 11:43

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