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Currently in the program I am attempting to write I need to be able to get a pointer to a member function within a member function of the same class. The pointer needs to be passed to a function as a void (*)(). Example:

//CallFunc takes a void (*)() argument           
class testClass {        
    void aFunc2;   
    void aFunc1;  
void testClass:aFunc2(){  
    callFunc(this.*aFunc1); // How should this be done?  
void testClass:aFunc1(){  
    int someVariable = 1;  

I'm trying to do this in GCC 4.0.1. Also, the member function being called can't be static because it references non-static variables in the class that it is part of. (In case you are wondering, the specific instance in which I need this is where I need to be able to pass a member function of a class to the GLUT function glutDisplayFunc() )

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To take pointer to member function you need following syntax:


But note, that to invoke member function you need have class instance. So callFunc needs 2 parameters (I'm using template but you can change it to testClass):

template <class T> 
void callFunc(T*inst, void (T::*member)())

So correct call of callFunc looks like:

void testClass::aFunc2()
    callFunc(this, &testClass::aFunc1); 
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The thing is, the theoretical callFunc function cannot be modified, as it is the glutDisplayFunc function from GLUT which takes a void(*)(). Thanks anyway. – Eli Dec 26 '10 at 17:31

I read this article once and found it very interesting:

Also, for a FAQ about pointer to member functions, read this:

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Thank you, but in those two articles (which I had read prior to posting this), from what I've seen it assumes you already have the class initialized somewhere. For the implementation I am trying to make, the function in which the pointer is needed is part of the class itself, and therefore I cannot access the class like such: "functionRequiringPointer(initializedClass.someFunc);". – Eli Dec 26 '10 at 8:03

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