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You know that functions in a dll can be imported either by name or by ordinal index.

From wikipedia: For most Windows API functions only the names are preserved across different Windows releases; the ordinals are subject to change. Thus, one cannot reliably import Windows API functions by their ordinals.

My Question: I know these ordinals MAY CHANGE, but I want to know if they've ever ACTUALLY CHANGED. (Especially about kernel32 & user32 dlls)

Why I'm asking this? I heard some viruses do import win32 functions by ordinal. I want to catch them, and I want to know whether I can test for an ordinal number or not.


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So basically, you know what you're hoping to do is wrong, but you want to know if you're safe doing it anyway? And we wonder why software is broken. – Cody Gray Dec 26 '10 at 10:22
Actually I'm not doing it. I've read viruses do it (in "The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense" book) and I wondered if a virus can get away doing it, I shall be able to catch it that way. – Panda Dec 26 '10 at 12:30
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This question is very easily answered, and the answer is yes. Just take two versions of kernel32.dll and look at them with a PE viewer.

For example, on the left is Windows 7's kernel32.dll, and on the right is Windows Vista's kernel32.dll. You can see that the addition of AddIntegrityLabelToBoundaryDescriptor has caused the functions below it to have their ordinals increased by 1 compared to Vista.

I don't understand why you would want to use this information for catching viruses. Viruses could use plenty of other ways to get the address of a function.

alt text

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This is irrelevant. A virus that uses the wrong ordinal cannot replicate. You cannot catch viruses that cannot replicate, you'll never see them. Nor does it matter that you do, it isn't functional.

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