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I have read little about TortoiseSVN and it capabilities, but I just can't understand how should I use basic structure. /trunk /branches /tags
I have created FSFS type repo and I have imported basic structure.
NB! No checkouts yet.

I also have my project files in another place.

How should I continue my work from here?

Should I checkout repository->place all files in trunk folder->add them->commit them->then create tag for current trunk state->create branche for my goal I'm tring to achive->switch to created branch and work there?

By the way my repo is local and whole work too. I thank everyone for help.

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Have your looked at the Subversion book? svnbook.red-bean.com In chapter 4, they cover the usage of branches and tags. –  jgifford25 Dec 27 '10 at 15:56

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Branches is used when you continue to develop for a released version. For example if you have a "Calc" product and you support the last 2 versions, your latest version is 2.0 but you keep supporting 1.0 and making fixes.

Your structure would be this:

Trunk - new development that has not been released. V3.0 Branches 1.0 - you still make fixes to this branch. Active fixes. 2.0 - latest released version...active fixes. Tags: 1.0 - a snapshot of what your initially released 2.0 - a snapshot of what you initially released.

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