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Who does know what is the best file extension for RSS feed on the site (for SEO):

  1. (XML)
  2. (RSS)
  3. (HTML)
  4. (ASPX, PHP, etc)
  5. (with url params)
  6. some other

I'm going to use (3) html on my site, is it ok?


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The file extension shouldn't matter. In theory, the content of URLs is determined solely by the Content-Type HTTP header. In practice, Internet Explorer means that isn't always entirely true.

Personally, I would try to aim for something along the lines of "/feed/ and leave any mention of technology as far out of it as possible.

Failing that, just don't go for something misleading.

So, in reverse order of preference:

An RSS feed isn't an HTML document, so of all those choices, the only one you should actively avoid is .html

Using a server side technology in the URLs ties you (to some extent) to that technology. So the next ones to avoid are 4 and 5 since they mention ASP.NET.

That leaves 1 & 2, which are both fine, and the best explicit choices in that list.

As mentioned above, I'd go with 6 and /feed

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I always use .XML and have had no problems.

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