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Have simple composite component(compositeComponent.jsf),that is embedded to global.jsf page.

The problem is that ajax can't update this component. Neither :componentId, not formId:componentId declaration doesn't work.

Should i write own method generator in my bean for id generation?

see pic. for more info! alt text

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Open page in browser, rightclick and choose View Source. Locate the generated HTML of <h:outputText> and determine its generated client ID. You should in fact be using exactly this ID with the : prefix. Let's bet that the first part of the ID turns out to be autogenerated. This can happen if you didn't give your composite component a fixed ID. You need to do this as well:

<my:compositeComponent id="ccId" />

then you can locate it as follows:

<p:ajax update=":ccId:cCart:cId" />
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