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Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3

after exec "griffon create-app DemoConsole" cant find the .project, so cant import it into eclipse(sts).

but the docs say that "Griffon automatically creates Eclipse .project and .classpath files for you",

did i miss some step?

solved by :

  1. griffon integrate-with --eclipse
  2. griffon install-plugin eclipse-support
  3. griffon eclipse-update
  4. eclipse --> import existing project
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In STS 2.6 (& probably other Eclipse versions) also need to add a classpath variable.

If you get errors relating to 'unbound classpath variable' and the files concerned start with GRIFFON_HOME/....

Select Eclipse/STS -> Preferences -> Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables
New ... -> Add 'GRIFFON_HOME' and navigate to location of your Griffon installation.

Confirming this & a rebuild of proj. should clear the errors.

If you want to do this on a per project basis - just right click the project & follow the same procedure under Build Path -> Libraries

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With latest versions of the eclipse-support plugin there's the need for another variable in your path -> IVY2_CACHE which should point to $USER_HOME/.ivy2/cache –  aalmiray Mar 21 '11 at 19:10

solved by :

  • griffon integrate-with --eclipse
  • griffon install-plugin eclipse-support
  • griffon eclipse-update
  • eclipse --> import existing project
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ups for answering your own question. Nice 'n mate. (disclaimer - I don't usually work in Eclipse, so I can't verify the effectiveness of the fix. ymmv) –  BobC Dec 26 '10 at 15:38

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