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What's the equivilent of requiring a page in php.. e.g if I broke up a web page into 4 pages news.php header.php footer.php and sidebar.php which composed my homepage, I'd simply require them all to render them on a single page. How would I do this with Ruby on Rails?

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If your talking about doing this in templates.

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Ror is a Framework and PHP is a programming language, so it's hard to directly compare them. Thus I'm not sure exactly what you mean but maybe that's it. –  James Dec 26 '10 at 13:33

The one thing I will point out is that you are probably going down the wrong path. The old PHP method if breaking your layouts into header/footer includes and including them is replaced with a much more powerful layout system in Rails. This setup allows you to save content into buffers (yield, content_for) which can be poked into a single layout file. This method is significantly cleaner and the "proper" way.

Additionally it would probably be good to just generally read the layouts and rendering guide.

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require "filename_without_rb_extension"
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