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when i am adding a new history item like this


the url correcly changes to

and loads the register form

but then the url automatically rechanges to


because I want to remain as

so that user can reload

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Ya, now i understand the problem –  Noor Dec 28 '10 at 10:57

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The problem is that I was using an hyperlink for acting like a click handler. with a hyperlink, event if u place an empty string, it gonna change the url.

e.g. if the current URL is something like http:...//#This and a hyperlink has an empty target history token then, the url is to change to http:...//#.

The solution i used that worked for me is that because i does not want to use a button, i make use of label and adding some css to it to make it look like a hyperlink

for e.g.

Label Register= new Label("register");

then in the css



Here this solution worked for me because i was not interested in other hyperlink services such as visited or others

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Check if any empty string added to History after page rendered or correct history token added to history? URL is changed when a string added to History.

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