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If there is a html form with a button, with normal html, we would be able to retrieve form element from the onclick event object as follows.


As Dojo contains a its normalize event object, how can we retrieve event generated form element when a button is clicked ? (I require this as my dom tree contains duplications of same form element)

Thank you, nimp

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dojo.connect(dojo.byId("formsContainner"), "click", function(evt){
   dojo.stopEvent(evt); // assuming you don't want to actually go to a new page

   var n = evt.target;
   while(n.tagName != "form"){
      if(n.tagName == "body") break;
      n = n.parentNode;
   if(n.tagName == "form"){
   console.error('no form for button - clicked on something else')
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Thank for the reply, my form is not having a predefined id. so basically what I need is that to retrieve randomly generated form id, which is assigned by dojo, from the evt object –  nimp Dec 29 '10 at 16:33
Hopefully the edits contains what you are looking for. –  mwilcox Dec 30 '10 at 14:25

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