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I created a simple post controller with scaffolding and I want send a mail if someone visiting the index page.
I generated a TestMail class:

class TestMail < ActionMailer::Base

 def welcome_email(sent_on)
    recipients    'lorem@ipsum.sa'
    from          "My Awesome Site Notifications <notifications@example.com>"
    subject       "Welcome to My Awesome Site"
    sent_on       Time.now



But if I call this method in Post controller


I got NoMethod error:

NoMethodError in PostsController#index

undefined method `welcome_email' for TestMail:Class

What's wrong?

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You're using the Rails 3 syntax. With Rails 2.3, you need to use deliver_ or create_.

# creates and delivers the email

# creates the email
email = TestMail.create_welcome_email(Time.now)
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