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I'm developing a Web application and want to display a figure and its legend in different locations on the page. Which means I need to save the legend as a separate png file. Is this possible in Matplotlib in a more or less straightforward way?

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This could work:

import pylab
fig = pylab.figure()
figlegend = pylab.figure(figsize=(3,2))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
lines = ax.plot(range(10), pylab.randn(10), range(10), pylab.randn(10))
figlegend.legend(lines, ('one', 'two'), 'center')

alt text

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use pylab.figlegend(..) and get_legend_handles_labels(..):

import pylab, numpy 
x = numpy.arange(10)

# create a figure for the data
figData = pylab.figure()
ax = pylab.gca()

for i in xrange(3):
    pylab.plot(x, x * (i+1), label='line %d' % i)

# create a second figure for the legend
figLegend = pylab.figure(figsize = (1.5,1.3))

# produce a legend for the objects in the other figure
pylab.figlegend(*ax.get_legend_handles_labels(), loc = 'upper left')

# save the two figures to files

It can be tricky though to get the size of the legend figure right in an automated manner.

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This calculates the size of the legend automatically. If mode == 1, the code is similar to Steve Tjoa's answer, while mode == 2 is similar Andre Holzner's answer.

The loc parameter must be set to 'center' to make it work (but I do not know why this is necessary).

mode = 1
#mode = 2

import pylab
fig = pylab.figure()
if mode == 1:
    lines = fig.gca().plot(range(10), pylab.randn(10), range(10), pylab.randn(10))
    legend_fig = pylab.figure(figsize=(3,2))
    legend = legend_fig.legend(lines, ('one', 'two'), 'center')
if mode == 2:
    fig.gca().plot(range(10), pylab.randn(10), range(10), pylab.randn(10), label='asd')
    legend_fig = pylab.figure()
    legend = pylab.figlegend(*fig.gca().get_legend_handles_labels(), loc = 'center')

Original (uncropped) legend:

Original (uncropped) legend

Cropped legend:

Cropped legend

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This is great, but seems to cut the top of the legend text for me. –  joeln Oct 28 '14 at 2:59

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