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I'm looking to write a small web app to utilise a dataset I already have stored in a MongoDB collection. I've been writing more Python than other languages lately and would like to broaden my repertoire and write a Python web app.

It seems however that most if not all of the current popular Python web development frameworks favour MySQL and others with no mention given to MongoDB.

I am aware that there are more than likely plugins written to allow Mongo be used with existing frameworks but so far have found little as to documentation that compares and contrasts them.

I was wondering what in people's experience is the Python web development framework with the best MongoDB support?

Many thanks in advance,


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I have not tried MongoKit although it has been around for a while and retains a good reputation. I personally prefer MongoEngine and feel very comfortable with it (maybe because I like its nice homepage and good documentation). There is also a very good opensource project named Mumblr which demonstrates a Django-MongoEngine-MongoDB combination, which I think a very good starter for any project. I'm developing a CMS for my own company using this app.

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MongoEngine looks to be very nice and user friendly. I'll definitely give it a look. Thanks! – Patrick O'Doherty Dec 28 '10 at 14:36

I've used MongoKit with Pylons before and it worked out good.

You might want to refer to this post though: MongoDB ORM for Python?

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