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I have a table that the user should not be able to edit directly (although user actions may cause changes). One column may contain a string too long for any reasonable size cell, so to see everything there, the user needs to scroll the cell (using arrow keys, for example).

If I make either the column or cell not editible, I loose the ability to scroll the cell. If I make it editable, of course, I loose the ability to keep the user from changeing it.

(I'm using NSArray controller and a couple of NSObject controllers to get from the model to the table view using bindings. Binding compliance via @property(copy) and @synthesize. Updating the model with setXXXX:xxx).


John Velman

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It seems I can accomplish what I want by setting the column editable, the cell selectable but not editable, and the cell layout "wrap". Then by double clicking, the user can see the wrapped lines of text. –  John Velman Dec 26 '10 at 18:54

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What's wrong with letting the table display tooltips for overflowed contents? This is automatic as of 10.5 if I recall correctly, else you can use the delegate method -tableView:toolTipForCell:rect:tableColumn:row:mouseLocation: for better control.

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Thanks, Joshua. I had heard seen a reference to this, but didn't quite 'get it' for some reason. –  John Velman Dec 27 '10 at 16:28
Thanks, Joshua (continued): For me this has a problem of design esthetics: The cells are displaying a string for an object using my custom formatter. To display the expansionFrameWithFrame:inView: tool tip, the custom formatter is called twice: once to unformat and return an object of the represented class, and once to get the string to appear in the tool tip. I can certainly live with this, and I can sort of understand why its done this way, but I kind of don't like it. Thanks again. –  John Velman Dec 27 '10 at 16:36

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